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Welcome to the Tilapia fish Company Here you’ll find out why our Bulgarian farmed tilapia makes perfect sustainable sense; you can check why it is a healthy food option and from the many recipes we provide you will see that it is both easy to cook and tasty to eat.

Cooking Tilapia Recipes for you

There are plenty of tasty ideas and recipes for flavoursome meals from lunch to supper. Tilapia is a delicious firm-fleshed, versatile white fish that can be cooked whole, or in fillets. You can grill, pan fry, poach and bake tilapia or even BBQ it!

Tilapia: A bit of background

Tilapia has been farmed all over the world for centuries – as far back as ancient Egypt. In fact, many believe tilapia is the fish Jesus used to feed the 5,000. Tilapia is one of the top five most popular fish in the USA, and is now growing in popularity here too.

Tilapia were one of the three main types of fish caught in Biblical times from the Sea of Galilee. At that time they were called musht, or commonly now even “St. Peter’s fish”. The name “St. Peter’s fish” comes from the story in the Gospel of Matthew about the apostle Peter catching a fish that carried a coin in its mouth.

Tilapia Fish Company Setting Farming Standards

At The Fish Company we’re proud to be setting the standards for aquaculture. Our tilapia is farmed to the highest environmental standards and fed on 100% sustainable GM-free feed. That’s one of the reasons why tilapia farmed in closed-recirculation systems is rated No 1 by the Marine Conservation Society – that’s the highest rating in their Good Fish Guide.

Tilapia Fish Company: first company to farm Tilapia commercially in Bulgaria.


Our fresh Bulgaria Tilapia is available all year round and is never frozen

You can order now at tilapiafishsales@gmail.com

Tilapia is also becoming increasingly popular with chefs, who are seeking sustainable fish for their menus, so be sure to look out for it on the menu at your favourite restaurant.

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