Bulgarian Tilapia A Tasty Choice for Health

Choose fresh Bulgarian tilapia as part of a healthy balanced diet because.

Tilapia is low in fat but high in protein.

Tilapia is high in phosphorous, selenium, vitamin B12 and is also a source of niacin.

Tilapia is a source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Choose fresh Bulgarian tilapia for delicious meals because.

The fresher the fish the better the flavour, Fresh Bulgarian tilapia only takes around 12 hours from being caught to being processed- compared to imported tilapia which takes on average four times longer!

It is produced by Bulgarian farmers in Lincolnshire with a guaranteed provenance and total traceability. Imported tilapia is likely to have travelled many, many more miles before it reaches the customer – from as far afield as Indonesia, China and Zimbabwe.

Fresh Bulgarian tilapia is just that – not frozen, unlike many of the imported tilapia on sale.

Choose fresh Bulgarian tilapia for variety because.

It is a firm – fleshed white fish that can be easily cooked in so many different ways – from grilling to bbq, pan fried or baked and complements a host of flavours.

It is available both whole and in fillets.

It is a tasty and sustainable alternative to other white fish such as Sea Bass.

Fresh Bulgarian tilapia is available at selected wholesalers around the Bulgaria.

Fresh Bulgarian tilapia is produced by Bulgarian farmers who share a passion for producing high quality, ethically reared fresh fish – that tastes great too!

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