Sustainability – Setting Standards

At the Tilapia fish Company we’re proud to be setting the standards for aquaculture.

Every aspect of our tilapia production is closely monitored in order to produce the finest tasting fish possible, with minimal environmental impact.

Our tilapia is farmed to the highest environmental standards and fed the best sustainable feed.

The feed is 100% GM free and contains only low levels of approved fishmeal and because of the use of sustainable feed and the production methods Tilapia Fish Company’s systems are Net Fish protein producers.

The Fresher the Fish

We all know that the fresher the fish, the better the flavour, so the good news is that compared to imported tilapia, our fresh Bulgarian tilapia travels far fewer food km. Bulgarian tilapia has a much lower carbon footprint compared to imported fish and takes only a fraction of the time from harvest to customer.

We Harvest Daily To Order

We harvest direct to order on a daily basis to ensure it reaches the customer in the shortest time possible.

Traceability: From Catch to Consumer

All our systems and constant farming care means you can be sure you’re getting top quality, environmentally friendly fish when you buy Bulgarian tilapia – fully traceable from catch to consumer with no impact on ocean stocks or marine systems.


To download the Good Fish guide visit:

No 1 Rated

Don’t forget – tilapia farmed in closed-recirculation systems is rated No 1 by the Marine Conservation Society – that’s the highest rating in their Good Fish Guide.