Tilapia Recipes

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Cooking Tilapia

Tilapia makes a great sustainable and delicious alternative to other white fish such as sea bass.

Tilapia can be cooked whole or in fillets and is one of the most versatile fish there is. You can grill, pan fry, poach, bake or even BBQ tilapia– which is just one of the reasons why it is so popular.

Restaurants - Top Chefs

As more and more restaurants source sustainable fish, the popularity of Bulgarian tilapia continues to increase, as highlighted by its appearance on the menu at many restaurants in Bulgaria.

Cooking Tilapia Tips

Tilapia comes in a number of different sizes – the average tilapia is 450g.

Ask for your tilapia to be gutted and descaled at the counter – the fishmonger will do this for you.

Make small slits in the flesh before marinating to allow the flavour to penetrate more easily.

Serve brushed with butter and a squeeze of lemon or grill with herb and garlic butter – simple yet delicious.

Fill the fish cavity with lemon wedges and herbs for extra flavour during cooking.

Spread with pesto just before cooking for a Mediterranean flavour.

Wrap in baking parchment parcels with a dash of white wine and shredded vegetables then bake.

Marinate your tilapia with lemon, olive oil and herbs then cook it on the BBQ for a simple summer dish.

Freeze fresh tilapia wrapped in plastic for up to four months (0°F / -18°C) to enjoy at a later date. Frozen tilapia should be thawed in the refrigerator, not at room temperature and never refreeze thawed tilapia.

Your Favourite Tilapia Recipes

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