Why Bulgarian Tilapia Makes Sustainable Sense

The Tilapia Fish Company prides itself on the ethical and sustainable way it is producing Bulgarian farmed tilapia on its farms in the region of Dobrich. Here are a few of the reasons why its fresh Bulgarian tilapia makes such sustainable sense.

The fresh Bulgarian tilapia produced by The Tilapia Fish Company is 100% Bulgarian and 100% traceable with proven provenance The tilapia are fed on the best sustainable fish feed.

The fish feed is 100% GM free and contains only low levels of approved fishmeal.

The tilapia are not hormone treated and are reared in new, bespoke closed recirculation systems which helps prevent disease and the need for antibiotics.

Because of the use of sustainable feed and the production methods. The Tilapia Fish Company’s systems are Net Fish protein producers.

The Tilapia Fish Company is committed to the very highest standards of animal welfare follow agreed EU protocols.

Compared to imported tilapia, fresh Bulgarian tilapia travels far fewer food km, has a much lower carbon footprint and takes only a fraction of the time from harvest to customer.

Tilapia is rated ‘one’ by the Marine Conservation Society which indicates it is one of the most sustainably produced seafood products available.

Fresh Bulgarian tilapia is available all year round but is never frozen and because of the sustainable production methods used there is no impact on ocean stocks or marine ecosystems.

Fresh Bulgarian tilapia is produced by Bulgarian farmers who share a passion for producing high quality, ethically reared fresh fish that tastes great too!

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  1. Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.

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      I wasn’t too impressed when I first read the recipe, even though I love all the ingredients. But, it turned out so
      delicious I will definitely do this again. I like the veggies you used, a nice combination, and I’ll bet they were
      as scrumptious as they look. Have a wonderful weekend.

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